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Biser Oliva “labels” a wonderful initiative

At the beginning of December Biser Oliva  began a social initiative, starting a game in the BG-mamma site’s forums. 

The goal is to create a new label for a special series of oil, donating for “Together” protected village. 10 stotinki of the value of each bottle from this limited “social” edition will be donated to the village. The participants should cut elements from the Biser oil label and create an original application, using different forms, pictures and label combinations.


“We have always aimed at establishing Biser Oliva as a socially responsible organization, helping different campaigns and initiatives” – commented Mr. Angelov, executive member of Biser Oliva’s Board of Directors.


The participants will not only have the joy to be a part of such a humane initiative, but also to receive numerous gifts, such as family spa weekends, shopping vouchers for different toy stores and many presents from Biser oil.